Beautiful lies

But once it turns

Into truth

It's ugly

And painful

I trusted you

With my bare heart

And even though

I gave support

And encouragement

When I prayed 

For you

To be happy

And to feel


You turn your back

And speak

With complaints

Laced with poison

And judgement

Placed wrongly

Thinking I won't hear

But maybe I will

And maybe I'll pause

Feel the crack

Spreading in seconds

And in a tense moment

I wince

And I break inside

Something explodes

At the discovery

Of the beautiful lie

That I was too blind

To even see

Too enamoured

To find it

But once it popped

Right in front of me

The light in my eyes

Faded away

And into sudden reality

I fall into

Clutching a piece

Of my heart

That you tore

Right to pieces 

But luckily

For me

I have thread

And a needle

And I can sew

Those bloody fragments

Shining with sorrow

And gleaming with

Your beautiful betrayal

Back togeether

It'll be messy

And it won't 

Look the same

Ever again

But it'll be together

And fixed clumsily

And it will work

I will get up

And keep walking 

On my road

And if you're left behind 

Then that

Is your problem now

And not mine. 

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