Your sweet words caress my fragile body.
Your hands feel like ocean waves to my skin.
Your mind is filled with imagination, the next lie you make, what the contents of that lie will be and how long before they will realize your a liar.
Cloaked in shiny clothing and rainbow words that captivate a womans mind and tug on her lungs. 
Free her.. Let her see, open her eyes to who you really are,no?
Are you scared to reveal who you are?
Are you scared to let her see that you are not glittter and gold, your lonely and boring.
Are you scared the truth will eat her heart out?
Are you scared the truth will eat your heart out.
You cloaked her mind and taught her to never trust a man with simmering hair and grass colored eyes.
You tricked while she treated, you liar..
Did you really think she’d accept you? 
All your shiny things are gone. They were never there to begin with.. 
Are you surprised she didn’t stay.
Are you surprised you didn’t stay.
Are you surprised that her words have turned to daggers being thrown at your heart?
Are you surprised she never thought of you as a lover but as a pay check?
Are you happy now? Did you find someone else to lie to? It’s winter/cuffing season.. Good time to trick someone into loving you, no one likes the smell of fresh blood on the hot soil in the beating sun.
Are you happy now? you turned a good woman into a ball of depression.. she will never love the same. She will never kiss the same, her eyes will be open. She will never never show too much emotion because instead of a gift it is now a sign of great weakness with the bearer of her soul.
Are you happy now? She would have loved you, don’t you think?
Dig up you truth and cradle it with care like a new born child.. never let it slip from you torn fingers and always share it with everyone 
Find your soul and let them sneak a peak every once in a while just to show them your not the failure you thought you were.
Find your heart in your secluded jungle and make them repair the broken glass and the shattered pieces..
Believe her when she says she loves you 
Trust her when she says she’ll never leave
Hold her your arms after the first fight,
Never let her sleep angry and never let her wake up that way
Rub her fingers and kiss her forehead.
Support all her crazy ideas and hide on her time of the month.
Cherish her every breath and her every word.
She’ll learn to do the same.
She will love you, good days and bad,happy or sad.
She will become the only truth within your lies.
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