Let Me Be Me


Don't slam my drama books down in the hall

Don't throw me into lockers or a bathroom stall

My home is not the school trashcan

Let Me Be Me

So what if my hair is black and blonde

So what if you think I'm Gay?

So what if my friends are still there everyday?

Let Me Be Me

I don't care if you try to drown me

Throw some frowns

And all your clowning

Let Me Be Me

I'm not your toy or punching bag

You throw me down I just get up again

I've had enough of your nonsense

Let Me Be Me

You will not make my life miserable

I feel sorry for you tortured individuals

Who feel that hurting me makes you better

Let Me Be Me

I shed the weight of the victim

No longer will I idly accept your words and wounds

I've had enough of your violence

Let Me Be Me

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