Left Behind


The hollow persists in the space you've wrapped around
But the inner circle contains
Emptiness, loneliness, pain
Like the drip, drip, drip
The flow from my brain
It never turns off, never goes, never slows
Thoughts crowding, it's constant noise driving me insane

You are going to leave, you cannot stay
I am not the dream, I am not the same
Metamorphous of the butterfly
Behold the caterpillar in its place
Like a worm that is growing
Weaving its way, through the looms of my mind
Showing the Emperor's nakedness
Exposing my fears, awakening your eyes
To nothing I can give to you, the only one who cares

The journey I have traveled before
I see all the signs
I cannot stay anymore
I will only be left behind

Copyright 2014 T.L. Burton

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