Last Chance


Sometimes life's a bitch. You practice for something over and over. It's Practice, Practice, PRACTICE! But even then it's not enough. I didn't make it. People always say there's next year. What do you know?! This was my last chance. I was gonna make a name for myself. I don't have a next year!! I'm gone. Out! Skidaddled! Why can't you see that? I want to be a part of things but it never happens that way. Every time I try I get slapped in the face. What's the point in trying then? Maybe I should just wither away in a corner. Tear stained face, cut skin, dirty hair. Why? That;'s all I ask: WHY?! This was my last chance and you ripped down my pedestal. Thanks...Thank you for taking something important to me. you stood there like a god picking and choosing who you think is your favorite. You think you're a god. You think you're so much higher than me. Higher than everyone around you. Shredding my heart and soul, ripping everything I had. Like a flower reaching for the sun. You picked it from the ground and started plucking the petals. Ripping it apart! You don't hear the screams 'cause you feel too high and mighty. But that's where you're wrong. You're human just like me. Your blood is red and you bleed from veins. You took my last chance from my grasp. Thanks...You had to shove my in the dirt for me to realize there's only one way out: up.



I'm sorry...I had a similar experience this year and I know I can't know what you feel but sending thoughts and snaps your way

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