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The month of May Exists so we can love The beautiful flowers of nature
So When It Comes To Poems... My Styles Are... FRESH... !!! When It Comes To Subjects... Like How We Humans BLEND... And CREATE... Children... !!!
I'm not closing the door, so we still in the car. But I have to move forward, grow from afar. Just know I love you, you are always in my heart. In order for us to grow, we have to be apart.
Rain in the summer. Listen to the pattering, Fresh and reviving.
Cold fingers Lost soul Goosebumps trail the cold Eyes engulfing the tales Dragon lungs Words lost but the language spoken Echoes enchantment of traveling mirrors Always for knowledge of the truth
Within human introspection comes a price, A revelation to the darkness of the mind. Venturing inside requires the roll of the dice, Are you ready for something not so kind?  
I love the way the sun seeps through the blinds and the warmth dancing on the small wooden surface of my coffee table. I love the smell of homemade coffee and expresso beans in the morning.
You make me think that I can't be free. Make me think I'm a princess, in a tower. Whisper menacingly in my ear that you'll eat my flower, make it sound like a good thing. I wait for you to kill me.
New Beginnings by Christian Betancourt 
Searching I found it The thing I seek Good times, or bad times I will never share it While the drum is beating, I’ve still got air.   There a bullet in my heart
Shine bright I love you a tear cries not me forever blue , you too hmmph Yes!! The moon looks good fresh like the soil in my pot grow little one grow big one
  I have decided to take the leap and go off to college. Leaving behind my family, town, and friends of my current knowledge.   While off I will be free to explore, To discover the world once hidden beind closed doors.
Let the mind take over the body. Allow fresh air to come rushing to your lungs.
There’s a place far away inside of meAnd I come close but then it goes—This sweet place is from my dreams of eternityFrom the heart, the open soul, it’s immortality
His eyes are like home, A warm place, A fresh breath of air, That let her know he was safe. His smile is lovely, A sweet sound, A good mood, That let her know he would share happiness.
  Flow in the wind like a flower in the Spring, Your delicate petals swirl in the midst.
Take my hand feel the warmth emitting from the sand  as ashes burn I will learn not to break Fragile soul, what more could be at stake? Oh dear one, don't abandon me Oh dear one, hear my prayer  
I am like the phoenix. When I burn, I burn with passion. I engulf in pain and sorrowful lessons that twist the flames in a cyclone of radiant, red, rotating fire. The hard way.
I wasn’t good enough,  Didn’t care about your stuff,  Couldn’t measure up,  Looked at the half empry cup,  And decided it was half full,  Bought into the lies and all the bull, 
Quiet whispers and tendrils of light Hypnotizes in a gripping bite Pitter, patter, so much is brought forth What authority can tell is worth   Something dark, dangerous and biased
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