single parent

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My body is the tree of life Bearing fruit to all creation You are nothing more than a bee Only needed for pollination. I birth flowers of beautiful colors  Shades, of reds,purples and blue.
  Once I had a father, who was strong, hard working, and a good husband That's what I wanted to believe That's what I told myself Who was I fooling?
¿Dónde está papá, el final del libro de cuentos?[1] The weathered one—The one that cascades a waterfall of shimmery glitter,
I don’t want kids. The Smiles that are oblivious to pain, The Laughter that can break the most awkward of silences, The Unconditional love in their sleepy eyes as you rock them to sleep grateful to be close to you.
I sit and watch the sunset, Are you with me right now?
You told me you love me, Yet where are you now. My birthday approaches, Yet not one word from you.
Ya see black brothas always tryin to be trap brothas/or rap brothas Why don’t you wrap brotha Bussin out babies like morning sickness This continuous cycle is more than a sickness
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