no love

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I had a key, To my heart, It was only for me, To play my part.   I gave away the key, To a boy,
I been waiting for forever And nothing’s getting better. I always care too much Wish that I could say whatever
There was a time you told me For the world  I'm somebody and for your body I'm the world,You hurled  me in hot lime,now i got time, i spit best rhyme. I will never Trust or waste the heart must adjust, I'm not making jest
Her hands are cold in mine. So lifeless without affection. I know before she says it she’s in love with another. I am no longer important, she no longer holds me in her heart, they are the one she wants. They are the one she craves.
Practicing t-ball in the big field behind our old house , you pushed me hard,  you made it count. Dad what did i do ? I remember you helping me, no training wheels on pushing me along Dad what did I do ?
When will i win a prize possession. Something or someone who belongs to me. Am i to urgent or never on time. Do i belong here or just well unsure of what’s going on.
Trust is gained when respect is givenSo for those living with the tense fleshFeeling less about someones wordNot believe that even your love ones can gain your trust .Seems to be  numbing your body like novacaneThe fact is no one that comes in you
I love you with everything I have, you make me smile.          You                 t                              ake                         everything I  a              m. You make me feel so in love, so beautiful.
In this quite dark tomb there she lays
everyone wants a world of love i'm telling you now it will never happen people will always push and shove everyone will want to be captain of their own lives and bodies and others around them
  Like a baby born without a mother Shit just don’t make sense So how the hell can you walk around without a split lick of common sense You think have all together
The leaves on the tree They symbolizes your love Now it's winter time...
nobody sees the real me underneath the makup,smiles and lies im just an ordinary girl who wants to know love but allas i'll never know love because the girl you see really is'nt me
~Give me a glass and our eyes will do the talking ~Maybe names could be exchanged ~By midday we'll tango,five you'll be flirting, and by six you'll be my ecstasy
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