no hope

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I had a key, To my heart, It was only for me, To play my part.   I gave away the key, To a boy,
there’s a woman who wasn’t the best mother   she had depression it was quite sad even tried to take her life  
Everyday I see All around me the smiles All the love Then I look to the shadows The Darkness behind the bright eyes, The Sorrow under the smile
the beast beneath me  the beast above  the beast within me  the beast unloved  this beast is wild  this beast is free but love captured it's mind who would love something so beastly?
      " We cannot escape They are coming With poisoned words And glinting swords           We cannot escape They are marching Towards us and towards the war             We cannot escape 
You taught me something great
When I was young I thought my home was great When I was ten he hit me I swore it would never happen again When I was 15 I left my perfect home with perfectly broken bones When I was 18 I shut the door and never came back
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