Keep It Real


It was September of '08 when I went into depression
No other emotions other than sadness and agression
I lost two people in my lives that month
My nana from cancer
And my step-father who was cheating on my mom for months

I began to dress in all black
I do sometimes to this day
I used to cut my wrists too
But I'm no longer that way

This is when I lost all my respect
My self and all the rest
I had nothing to lose
Except a game of Call of Duty

February of '09 my Playstation broke down
Mom what will I do? I have no friends around!
Son, here is my camera
Have fun using it
But remember Chad
DON'T, post it on the internet

That spring I posted videos of Assassin's Creed
I was known as a weirdo, but what does that truely mean?
Nobody's the same
If you judge, then you are lame
But man, life has changed

With video, music came along
Who knew I could talk in a song
I am at my peak like I'm King Kong
While people are smoking out of bongs

If I am the best at something
Then it's making a difference
If I change one person for the better
Then what I desire, was accomplished

Why stop there?
When I can make this a living
My new friends are out partying
While I'm in my house sitting

Half of the people don't like my music
The other half loves it and craves it!
A small group that hates it
And a smaller group that hates on it

So what if my fans are weird
They all treat me like family
At least they understand my life
They are now my friends, who are like family
All of them love music
So what if it's not hip hop, I'm not a hypocrite, I won't hate
One of them is like a Saint

She is like a Saint
She is like my sister
Everytime someone talks crap about her I protect her
My mother wants us to be together

But I got my mind on another
A girl who I met through my music
About a song how society is twisted
Society is twisted

Society thinks that girls should be skin and bones
Society thinks that a little fat is overweight, well I disagree
Go back to the DiMaggio/Monroe days
When a little fat was attractive
That's how it should be

You see, this idea that society has is what makes my girl up-chuck a little fast
And let me tell you, she ain't fat
It's like a royal Marilyn Monroe
How every girl should feel
Why fit society?
When you should just keep it real




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