Just like a Whitney song

Sun, 02/22/2015 - 23:41 -- Monai


United States

It's YOU!

It's always been YOU!

The one I run to when my life is a mess

The one that with a single smile kills all of my stree

Your the curve in my smile, the glow in my skin

I took a gamble with you & boy did I win

The softness of your lips mixed with the sparks when we touch

Just everything about you, God I love you so much!

As happas I am I can't help but to sigh

Pretty sone we will be saying goodbye

In your arms I feel at home & im getting homesick

When I thought of a furture with you "goodbye" wasn't in it

I know it's for the best & you really need to go

Deep in my heart i know, I wish it wasn't so far away though

You'll be away & I'll be here 

Reminessing about the memories I hold so dear

You say not too worry & you won't be far

But my heart knows no better so it feels as if you are

I wish you the best in life up ahead

I wish you were going a little closer instead

Please don't forget me & all that we've been through

Always remember that I will always love you 



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