Just Breathe

I stare in envy at the school children around me

This silence a curse I bear to keep

I want to whisper

I want to scream

I want to shout

I want to be

But my words refuse to leave


I stare in envy at the school children leaving

The freedom they possess is a liberty I seek

But again, no words leave me

Teary-eyed as I may be


I stare in frustrated anger at the empty playground before me

Enough is enough

These delicate hands were made for working

I want to live life rough

I'm sick of sitting around

I'm sick of feeling down


I stare in determination at the new, fresh start in front of me

With a glowing grin, I tuck a strand of  my hair behind my ear

Stand up and wipe away the warm tears

And in that moment I realized I didn't need to speak

What I needed to do was finally just




Beautiful poem. It is very hard for people to step outside their comfort zone. It's a good thing you did even though it wasn't for something you originally wanted, but for something that you needed all along. Once again, beautiful poem. Keep writing on my friend. 

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