Just breathe

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Heart Pounding, Beating out of my chest even. Deep breath in, deep breath out.   Lips Quivering, Teeth lightly nibbling the inner lining of my mouth.
i’m breathing in and out rapid and unsteady i have serious doubt finding i am unready   i don’t know what to do i’m pacing i couldn’t possibly see this through my heart is racing  
“Breathe,”  they tell you. Inhale for one, two, three, four. The words, “just calm down,”  echoing in my head; my eyes seeing only red. Blood drips. Exhale on five and six. 
78 I never thought you could change. You're 78. You're stuck in many of your ways, but one day you changed, it all started with a girl named Emily. Seventh grade, my first ever crush on someone that I couldn't shake or ignore.
I stare in envy at the school children around me This silence a curse I bear to keep I want to whisper I want to scream I want to shout I want to be But my words refuse to leave  
Just breathe That’s what they all say It will all be okay Just breathe That’s what they ALL Say, time and time again Over and over
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