Just Breathe


Just breathe

That’s what they all say

It will all be okay

Just breathe

That’s what they ALL

Say, time and time again

Over and over

Just breathe

But, how can I breathe?

When everything is going all wrong

Going all wrong

Gone all wrong....

When life gives you lemons

But all you can do is

Squirt your self in the eye

When everything is just so complicated

And you feel like

You’re looking up to the

Heavens, the great big heavens

With swirling, twirling, silver stars

And galaxies

And then you stop---

And think. Think about how small you are

How insignificant your life is

How unimportant you are.

You stop.

The skies seem to stare down at you

And say, you are all alone

When everything is so scary that it seems like a great canyon

Has opened up in front of you

A great black hole of rock and fear

That as it opens up in front of you

It seems to open up you heart too

To all that worry

And fear and anxiety

It tells you that you are not fine

You are not pretty like your friends

With flash and flare who don’t

Care AT ALL what people say.

Why don’t you care?

Why can’t I not care?

Why do I freeze like a scared rabbit

And hop away as fast as bunnily possible

It shouldn’t be “you’re a chicken”

It should be “you’re a bunny”

When everything has turned you upside down

Inside out--

You feel like a random


Worn so much that you are worn out

And must now be washed

Washed of all the horrible things you have done

And all your thoughts -

All your ketchup stains

That fill your mind and tear you down piece by piece

scrap by scrap.

Until we are just bits of paper blowing in the wind,

random lines of poetry that won’t fit together,

no matter how hard we try.

Just breathe.

That’s hard.

When everything is sooo damn overwhelming--

You feel like you are underwater

Drowning, floundering, and yet somehow

Still breathing

But breathing only because you must

Not because you want to-

Not because you WANT to!

You came down here looking for Atlantis

But wound up finding Hell

The salty water swarms your thoughts and all you can

Even think of is how

Everything is so wrong!

You feel like a car crash

In slow motion

Watching yourself fall

and flail

and die.

Dead on arrival

Now just a ghost,

Condemned to wandering the halls

Wishing for a life

Just a shade

forever in Hades

stuck between the isle of the blessed and

true hell

watching bliss

and terror

Just breathe

That’s what they say

Just breathe


                               And sometimes... it works



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