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You who spoke to the wind And it called my name You whose echoes pierce the air And your footsteps quake the earth; Have you forgotten you're a Goddess The one whose love is sui generis?
CLOUDNINE'S TWENTY SEVEN PSALM OF DOXOLOGY TO ADORE THY LORD GAD! #C9fm ~~ 1 Make holy his glorious name and adore His powerful word. 2 Sing praises unto thee. And let every breathing creatures tremble at His footstool.
Let trumpeting elephants 🐘 🐘 praise God. And let roaring lions 🦁 🦁 exalt God. Let mowing cows 🐮 🐮 praise God. And let barking dogs 🐶 🐶
I’m not a poet.  I have tried writing poetry before And it never worked out. But if I decided, one day, that I wanted To become a poet, all my poems
chains clink, wood creaks.   the birds surrounding us sing their sweet song,   perfectly in tune with the sound of your voice.  
pink cheeks   rosy like blooms that burst when you compliment me.   you say my name   and everything else falls like petals, sinking   down   down   down.
When I see your face there is a soft glow, As if I was looking at a sunset. Even when your face may no longer show, To me, your love acts a comfort blanket;
i just want to feel your touch.i’d give anything to be with feel your arms around tightly.i want you more than words can express. i want you to be near me in so many ways. 
Broken Hollow shell The person you once were I miss you Please return Questions plague you Memories remain Was it because she reminds you of me Or is there something else
Love is when you get to hang out with that special someone every day. Love is when they buy you a pretty bracelet with their name on it. Love is that cute picture you share on Instagram to make all your friends jealous.
Love is  Having a bad day and instantly getting cheered up by your loved one. Love is Having a constant, walking reassurance standing by your side Love is Feeling Homesick when they you are apart
Sweet Summer nights, Spent with you by the lake at your side, Your enigmatic smile, Whose white teeth reflect against the dark night sky.   I have a cherry colored vendetta,
I find her ivory skin and enticing grin far too consuming to resist. She finds late eves as moments of peace betwixt my fuming of nicotinic mist. And the laughter from her heart—
Roll her up in the sheets of the night before. Light her up, watch her dance round your lips. She can’t be good to me, they say. Then why so sweet to my lungs?
Her smile so bright or eyes lit afire, she floods me with desire. Her lips so sweet, harsh but kind like rum mixed with lemon-lime.   Her tongue so sharp and irrational, yet utterly sensational.
As she contacted my eyes, her words lost their purpose and gravity, becoming dulcet echoes, gradually drowning in the mellow sea of my subconscious reality.
Angel in the gardenI see your golden wingssense the sweetness of your gazeas it envelopes me todayNight has clearly left usthe stars and moon set downthe sun has cllimved her ladder
I fall asleep with the desire on my heart.  With a plan in my mind. But when my eyes start to open, Before the sunrise, I start thinking of my escape.  My excuse.  My bed is so warm. 
Dear Frank,  These days I dreamto be your soulful tragedienne -Your affinity across the sea;That awaits your return so patiently.  For a man who lives one love at a time,
I love you like the sun loves the earth, It rises each morning just so it can gaze upon the earthly beauty, Just as I awake every morning so that i may look upon your beautiful face. My darling, You are my world.
Once upon a time, We were younger and we loved each other. You loved me freely, for the world to see, But I had fears so I loved you secretly. But you should know that I did. Know that even with the passing time
I wonder when it will be easier to place the letters together. To form the letters into words, and the words into sentences,
I see you. Looking in the mirror, fretting about your hair. You fuss about which uniform to wear.
You've got my heart fluttering on the ideas of us being together. My eyes get lost in your and just the thought of you blossoms my mind.
Gaze on me only but for a second, and thus I shall know That in agonizing uselessness are my feelings of woe. For when your vision crosses mine I seek no other but the eyes of thine.
I used to grow up thinking daddy's wide shoulders were the highest point of Earth. questioning my worth as i stand here vertically challenged
Maybe I loved the way her fiery pink work gloves clashed with the polished wooden counter where blue delphiniums lay, wrapped in the splendor of last week's sports page. Or maybe it was the fleeting mosaic
It's an insatiable need. Hoplessly inescapable and all consuming, with a pressure that builds until you take heed. A final release of emotion, expression, a work of love and complete devotion,
I could write but, Mere words fail me. I could sing but, My voice is not enough. I could dance but, My strength will fall. I could do anything but, It’d never be enough.
Looking left and right, what is going on in all of these peoples’ lives? There are people of all ages; teens, grandparents, husbands and wives. Some people are crawled up into a ball, crying their eyes out.
I scrapped my knees on a dirt road and brought the filth home with me Just so you'd clean me up and kiss me.
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