It's too late

Tue, 09/12/2017 - 20:30 -- Zanderr

If you only knew how special you were to me,
you wouldn't treat me like you do.
But you treat me like trash because you don't know
how much I really love you.
And you never will because I'll never tell and you would never want to know
You never want to break my heart- but you will if necessary.
Because you love her.
Not me.
It's always been her. Ever since we were little.
And now you will ask for her hand.
And she will say yes.
And you will be married.
The perfect guy and girl.
But you don't see me?!?!
You don't see that you're killing me inside?!?!
I'm sorry if I havent been the girl with the perfect body and the perfect personality-
But I promise I can love you better than she can.
Would you stop cutting me in my heart!!!?!!!
I love you!
I want you!
But you'll never see that. It's too late.
Today was the day.
The wedding is tomorrow, but I won't go.
I'll sit in my room remembering.....because guess what?
I tried to win your heart.
But it was too late because someone else already had the prize.

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