It's So Sad


It's so Sad

That your ignorance is on blast

You tried to push me away

To see what life was like without me

Was it worthwhile?

Obviously it didn't last for a while

You came back

Just for a little bit

But enough to remember

That with me, no other chick can make you shiver

It's been a minute since want

Became an equal thing in relationships for you, huh?

The want for your mind and soul

Not just your dick and attitude of an asshole


For one night I saw you blue

Because for that moment

You realized that you lost it

That there was no turning back for you

That the one time you had something good it's gone, there's no going back to the good

No going back to the one you still loved

No going back to the girl you had chosen above

Any other hoe or side chick

Because sweety we all got side tricks

We just wait for the right one to be above them all

The one that you'd do anything for

It's not that hard

But you made it that way, you bastard

You made life hell

It wasn't just for me but for you as well

You didn't talk about it

You tried not to feel it

But IT was still seen

I could feel it in my heart when I acted so mean

Because I knew you wanted to

You wanted to push and do

Undo the bad and pain we both endured

So why did you just keep your feelings stored?

From me? As if  our relationship was bad

*Shakes my head* It's Just so Sad


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