In its Embrace

She may have finally done it

She may have finally found her path


The sky blue comforter was appealing,

But with deep thought,

She found that its arms of cotton,

Its pillows of visions of fantasy,

Are not for her


Not as a path

But as an escape

Her escape


Her escape from reality,

From thoughts of stress,

From the raindrops held in too long,

From the phobias of a scared girl


All of her fears,

All of her doubts,

All of her worries,

All of her insecurities,

All let go in the cotton's embrace


In its embrace, her mind runs free,

She is all she wishes to be








Not easily bruised just by words,

Not haunted by the past,

Not holding on to middle school days,

Days of her own personal hell and so many emotions


Days of being taken advantage of,

Days of being bullied,

Days of hair pulling, pushing, and name calling


Days of no one seeming to notice when she needed them,

Of them paying attention when it was past too late


Days in her own depressing bubble,

And nights of down pour lulling her to sleep


In its embrace, none of that matters,

In its embrace, she is not broken,

She is not bruised or cracked,

But whole and fully happy


In its embrace,

She is everything she wants to be,

I am everything I want to be


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