It would be so easy

I can't be mad at you, nothing was your fault.

You were hurt, and pain changes things.

I was there for you through it all

and I expected nothing in return

I wasn't even mad when you left

But I hoped


you would return

because what we experienced

what you asked me to experience with you

was unconscionable.

It hurt you on such a deep level

and I was willing to do anything

absolutley anything

to help you with it

even leaving you.

When you didn't return I figured you needed more time

but you found someone else

someone who wasn't me

was just like me

but not


There are days when I imagine being with someone else

until a sneaky thought eases back into my brain

the thought of how easy

how easy it would be

to be wrapped up in your strong arms

to run my fingers through your soft hair

to listen to your heart beat for mine

once again.

And then I begin to wonder

why that cannot be.

I cannot be mad at you.

You're not my ex

your're my soulmate.


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