Wed, 07/30/2014 - 12:13 -- ldxon14


There is a task that some people completely take for granted

And if they didn’t want this blessing they shouldn’t have let the seed be planted

Parenting a child is a task beyond any other

It is something special to be called a father and a mother

Pregnancy without preparation is already heading toward the ground

And how much you wanna bet baby daddy won’t be around

So baby mama is trying to handle things on her own

But there’s only so much she can do, baby mama aint grown

So she’s getting help from mama and grandma nim

And their kinda distant cause they say they done raised they children

So baby mama uses grandma nim as much as she can

So she can act her age and chase after some stupid man

Baby mama needs a clue

She gotta baby, she cant do what she wanna do

She has another life depending on her

If she wasn’t ready she shouldn’t have let some things occur

Cause what she has is precious and is to be cherished and cared for proper

How you gonna be a good mom if you nothing but a bed hopper

Maybe I sound hostile, but the topic grinds my gears

Don’t be sexing out of both legs if you not ready to put in those years

I hate when people take babies for granted like their not real humans

Then consequently at a young age they have a lot to withstand

Babies are real, not an accessory to show off, or a toy

So if you not gonna take responsibility, next time, don’t lay up with that boy


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