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            Hiding behind a mask is what I do on a daily bases. I act like I am a person who is welling to do what it takes to go far in life and be what I want to be.
Word after word
baby i could care less  you stole my heart and tied it up now i want it back cause ive had enough you stole my heart and hold it lock and key thats okay though cant take me from me baby i could care less
Wood in hand,
I have plans for greatness but sometimes I feel like I can never reach it. And I really would love it if everything I said was poetic. But I guess I am more crude than I thought.
Burning bridges Cigarette light Charcoal ashes Acid rain Do you watch as the world burns?Would you dare not care of the void that litters this earth?
In its slow cries All can hear. Why say nothing? Why steer clear? You pray for it, Clasp your dirty hands, Slaughter it, fool Its grave it lands.
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