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Give me my soda, I won't ask you twice I need it right now, the essence of my life I'll count to three: one, two, okay now give it to me Do you see me laughing? This isn't a joke
stumbling, slurring on the wet grass kissing him hitting him fire snaps, crackles   6 am cock crow sandwiched between  blue velveteen  and James Dean Get an advil, please
Don't dread on you past.Live each moment as your last. Don't just lay and sleep.Get up on your feet. They say "all comes to those who wait."Truth is, "all comes to those who get up and work hard for it."
Life is coming at you quick There is no place to turn College is upon you Adult hood is upon you Life - is upon you Those days are gone The days of sitting down at tables French-fries in hand
Self destruction is the production Of withholding information Within thyself Planning never to face the very tension Within yourself And it shows With the lack luster smile And loss of joy
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