equal opportunity

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Slavery left a mephitic taste in the mouth of many AmericansAnd many people living in America. I heard at the gymThat many non-whites are using the "n" word as a hymn
Stop! Quit talking about revolution, revolutionIt is like winning the unlucky lottery, the electionWhen a true revolution is on the moveNobody, nobody can stop it. A revolution
Teach kids! They tend to learn. Why make school a prison? Teachers should only get to teach. Teach kids!
And I am tired, and I am alone. Shout it from the rooftops, It should be known. As a whole we "somehow grown." But how am I still tired, and how am I still alone
I dance everyday.
  There’s something called ignorance in the black community It replaces the love, care and the unity The power our race once possessed
I am an African American, Truth Be Told. Riding in a car in a nice neighborhood on my way home, Truth Be Told. Stopped, harassed, frightened by the local police because I was in a "suspicous" car, Truth Be Told.
Life is peachy, but its's got a little fuzz the inside is sweet but there's no hidding what's above pick it up, set it back down, show it no love Looking only at the surface, not what it consist of
Discrimination. We all thought that was gone after the Civil Rights movement. However, today's generation faces a new type of discrimination. That discrimination is on who you can love. We say equal opportunity for all,
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