Insanity As I Am

Damn, I just lost my fucking blade again
Cuts all on my thighs, what a fucked up work of art 
Broke the pencil sharpener today at school
Ripped the blade out and shoved it in my shoe
Went home and locked the bedroom door
Sliced my skin until I was all scarred up again
Blood covered the floor, turning the carpet red
All I could do was just sit and wonder "was this it for me"
Few days later I fucked around and got myself fucked up
Bought a pill bottle off this ratchet bitch, gave it to me for a dollar and some chips
Took the whole bottle at school
Skipped class, swallowed them all
Got fucked up, threw them all up
Woke up in the back of the hospital van, "man where the fuck am I at?"
Nobody really cared, but damn if I put a gun to my head and scattered my brain all over the wall would you care?
Or would it just be a pretty little picture?
Oh look, today i threw up some more blood
"You're going downhill man, pull it together."
Yeah I know, maybe I need to go to the loony been so I can get to know the voices in my head
I'll call them Bobby and Ryan, and Casey too
I know, I'm a horror story in the flesh
Veins split, I think my guts may be coming out
Fuck, I don't know what else to say, the demons are cowering me away
Save yourself before its too late  


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