'Dark' 'creepy' 'twisted' anxiety

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These are the thoughts of my daily life Something that I consider a normality "Normal" for me is "horrible" to the average person I'm not an idle person I let myself work till I'm to tired to continue
When the land was perceived as new, and owned by the British, With barely a road, the people still skittish. There was a land in Pennsylvania, now known as Bedford; Called for the surname of a Lord known as Edward.
How can I guide myself if everything around me is so dark? 
" As the light fades away i see my inner demons rising, taking over the black sea like the damn horizon, my vision and everything is slowly unwidening, the path i choose is more cleary then this bottle, as i fucking walk away and numb all this pai
An antagonizing demon festered a feeling of imminent destruction within this decaying body
Where My Monsters Hide At age six as my mind drifted off to sleep  and reality faded away darkness snuck up on me calling my name under my bed
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