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I wish I lived in an utopia Where everyone’s accepting But where I live is just not it Dystopia is here And here I lie Looking at the sky
Cover up the mirror cuz I can't stand the sight of me Every single organ is on fire on the inside of me Stewing in a brew made of black coffee and anxiety Burning to the marrow of my bones who I had tried to be
I remember deciding I was awesome, and that was all that mattered. I remember thinking others were bossy, Crying because I was called the same.
I am trapped in the closet, Such a scary place, With monsters around me, About to bite my face.   I hold on for dear life, Day after day, Waiting, just waiting, Will I fade away?  
Am I not human, For having the courage, To stand up, And embrace who I am?   I am no different from you, We eat the same food, Breath the same air, Is it just because I wear a binder,
Once upon a time A princess was imprisoned By her stupid, rich, right-wing parents And their fucking shit religion   They told her she was wrong to feel Like God made a mistake
Smoke in my lungs, Raging monster coursing in crimson,
The emphasis placed on between the legs Is what is reflected in the world today We have become so consumed with a person's sex That it takes precedence over the person they are Who they will become
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