I'm sorry for a lot of things...

The only letters I’ve ever kept

Are apology letters

Every single one from my father

Because it’s easier for him to write to me

And leave it in my room while I’m sleeping

Than to look me in the face


I love you so much,

and I’m very sorry for how I treated you.

You need to know that you deserve

to be treated kindly by me

and all others.

It’s great you are so forgiving,

and said “It’s alright dad” 

but it’s not alright. 

I hope you forgive me

and I love you so very much.


I’m sorry for making that stupid comment last night.

Sometimes my bad attitude and anger

come out for no reason.

I’m not mad at you

for anything. 

I love you 

and I think the world of you.

I’m not even good at writing 

this letter but please,

please remember it no more. 


…I’m sorry for a lot of things.




I still cry 

when I read these letters

Because I know 

There should be so many more

Because some people can’t change

But you love them anyway



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