I'm sorry I grew up

Mon, 05/20/2019 - 12:25 -- Panka19

Im sorry I grew up mom

I’m sorry I’m not your little girl anymore..
But no matter how many times you try to deny that it’s me and I need to change Frankly you have no say in this matter....

Because I’d rather sit under the sun relax and have some fun

then to sit and be someone I’m not.
I’m sorry you think it’s my purpose to sit and watch you cry as I continuously listen and abide your wishes even though God shows me a sin is a sin and Their is no difference.
Because mom I’m different....
I’m sorry I won’t mom
I won’t Pretend to be the daughter that you think I use to be
I’m sorry that I’m not as skinny as you wanted me to be, I’m sorry I developed my skin disease by the age of three.
I’m sorry I got sick and I’m a little thicker than thick but mom I’m sorry that this is all you see
Because mom...
Because mom I am much more than that
I have a brain underneath my baseball caps.
My teeth continuously gleam listening to the stories i hear in my dreams.
I’m sorry I’m a in your words “dyke”
Mom I’m sorry I grew up
I’m sorry I cry every night and put up a fight because you can’t except that you own more bark than bite

and I’m sorry that I finally understand that your not a major necessity in my life ...
I’m Sorry you can’t see this because your a wonderful mother...I’m sorry Corey and Tori think I’m not their sister but their brother
I’m sorry I stayed at the hospital night after night watching you fight for your life....and
I held you while you cried, gave you medicine at all the right times, I’m sorry I had to change you,

I’m sorry I made sure you had food mom...I’m sorry I Gave you back everything that you have ever given back to me...but still....
I’m just sorry that I will never grow up to be good enough. 

This poem is about: 
My family


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