one sided love

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I believe I always have late-night conversations with the moon all night long.
I would never know what to do, neither what to say when we are together. I always did my best trying to start a conversation while he kept on scrolling his phone reading Dostoyevsky, and Solzhenitsyn’s literature while waiting for the order.
Vines in between my palms Clouded the thoughts of an unattainable scheme Accompany a seemingly harmless pirouette crashing to the tear soaked floor  
If the looks I gave her were illegal, Surely i'd have a life sentence. I'd be locked away forever like my heart inside my ribcage,
Fluttering wings mark a descent from the skyGossamer weight that bends the stemThe Butterfly drinks the Aster dryAnd without a thought, takes to the heavens again
Remember me, my love For I will not flee I am the sky above And you are the sea   My love for you is burning Like flames I can't control I'm forever yearning On the love you stole
There once was an ignorant boy. Who dreamed, only, of love.   He dreamed of passion, and dreams. He dreamed blissful dreams of love.         One day it hit him.               
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