If I May


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Let me ask a question without talking out of turn
what makes you special that you can beat on me till my bruises burn
I mean you must have some type of seniority right?
Yes, of course your so powerful that your words alone make me cry all night
And while i sit here and contemplate about taking my life
Your laughing at the fact about how you made the " fat girl" cry
Why because its funny
Since i cant afford the nicest clothes i am automatically "dirty and bummy"
I apologize that my financial situation is not to your social status
But since my moms only raising me i cant say daddy daddy can i have this
Oh wait..... its not that
Its the fact that no one wants to hang around me because kids call me a " Fag"
But you know i wasn't always this way
Ti'll my uncle came in that room one day
But your not concerned about that
Because my exterior doesn't please you but you really don't care about my bull crap
Why? Because i'm a smart know it all who doesn't care about anything else
But if my dad knew i wanted to be an artist instead of a surgeon i would be homeless. No wealth
So if i may ask since you made this my concern
What went down in your past to make your emotions burn
See people don't understand the real roots of the problem
The bully gets bullied and turns his sorrow into violence
As a victim of bullying i once had a dream
It was quite simple that kids would stop being so mean
Cause in the end my friend who are you judge
We all have to bow down on one knee and i'm not talkin' bout Beyonce cuz'
Do you really want your legacy known as being a bully?
Or better the Kid who killed a kid and got away murder free
You skipped the death sentence because your words cut of their air circulation
Let me tell you my friend that's not cool that's an abomination
So, let me ask you one more question without speaking out of turn
Even though your bruises you give to me burns
If this letter reached your ears are you satisfied with what you learned?

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