If I could change just one thing


If I could change just one thing
What could possibly suffice?
Could I break the bonds of hatred,and save an unborn life?
Could I pause the hands of time for just one reason, a reason
To cling? 
Cling to an arsenal and never set it free
Create a barrier between us and devastation
Find a way to bury the seeds of frustration
Fixate the abolishment of guns in a decree
Could I arrange a social system where everyone's the same?
And bring about a new tradition of equality
Never again would anyone be defined by mediocrity
God would in our prosperity bless us with acclaim.
Could I get rid of abrasive policies?
Boy or Girl there would be nothing to forgo
Into beautiful trees they would grow
And stretch our education to far away galaxies.
Could I save the animals from suffering?
They are alive just like you and me.
So why are they treated with such cruelty?
Can I make us all more comforting?
Could I clear the haze of intoxication?
From weed to heroin to methane and lure
I would get rid of all and so much more
This society would have a clean generation.
 If I could find the perfect solution?
It's our environment I'd save
From our water, to the plants, to the smallest cave
I would cleanse this world of pollution.
What my heart desires my mind rejects.
Yet I will be the change I want to see in the world
This fleet if emotions that has rapidly swirled
If I could do just one thing, it's this world that I'd live and die to protect.


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