Icy Life

Ice cold veins, her heart is what controls it.

She doesn’t know it yet, but she’s the only one who’s frozen.

Lost in her arctic past,

Her future will never be what holds her back.

Bitter tongue and weary eyes,

She’ll never walk past those dreary lies.

She knew all along what was the truth,

But instead she held it in, let it brew.

It didn’t fuel a fire, locked away inside,

But casted her body solid, somehow as if she died.

She could never pinpoint what was wrong.

A warm outside was all she saw.

But slowly the winter storm within,

Was making her lose the warmth of skin.

She lost every motive to stay alive

As glaciers glided into her mind.

Finally as she wept icy daggers,

She wrote her last words about the matter:

“I’ve lost all good, and love, and hope;

and now I stand here with a rope.

I needn’t stress to say goodbye

for I’ve been gone a long, long time.”

And with that, she was gone,

with out a trace, or word, or song.

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