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Beware Icarus your father warns,
About you staying in the middle course,
Don’t fly too high or you’ll soon learn
about the dangers of the melting flare.

Oh! Icarus why ignore
The wise words of the one you Love
Now your wings have melted
And your fate has been exerted.
You plunged deep into the sea
and left your father to weep.

It’s so sad how you have passed
But not many people have cried.
Your tragedy has not been mourned
By the ones whose lives still go on.

Icarus, you’ll forever be known,
as the boy whose father’s advice sadly ignored.

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This is really incredible.


greek mythology for a poem cool


I have, within the past year, inherited a Greek mythology poem from one of my writing teachers, from Power Writers, and truthfully I absolutely love how you used it in this poem. It is mystifying and incredible artistic, how you speak with his father's voice. Lovely piece.

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