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Now It’s CLEAR That I Am ... " GIFTED " ... When It Comes To Writing Lyrics ... !!! Articulated Scriptures ... That Paint Descriptive Pictures of How It Is We’re Living ...
I used to get through quizzes really fast. I never had to study it at all. However, this phase, it would never last Until the year of '13 in the fall.   Like usual, I quickly skimmed a book.
All of my friends tell me how "lucky" I am, because I'm so "smart"They think that because my grades are better than theirs that I'm "gifted"
Ever since the age of seven, I've been told I'm gifted, but what does that even mean?-- That I can pass a standardized test with a little more ease that those around me?
Don't include me into your fake fairy tale The one with flowers, and a neck full of pearls,
Professors claim we lazy and just don’t get it Nah sir, that point? You done missed it. It’s a scary time to be young, black, and gifted The frame of picture we was supposed to paint done shifted
Yeah I got some shit but I ain't said nothin. 
We are voiceless. Our feet are turned to iron. We're lobbed into a torrential river Of expectations. Ideals. They say, “The perfect child is ours. “No flaws here.
  Teachers don’t work hard nowadays Rather than focus on education They focus on my grades I may have passed your damn class
Sheltered.I had no choiceIn the high school I attendedI am Catholic;Therefore, to a Catholic Ladies' schoolI shall go.
Sweaty palms and the nervous biting of my nails let me just start by saying that i hate pop quizzes  Confused looks on my face don't mean i am stupid 
when you sat at your desk years ago, like I am now, did you stare at the clock as time clicked by. Tell me, did you even major in Trigonometry?
They say I'm gifted, what does that mean? I'm good in school. Doesn't mean anybody likes me, Doesn't mean I'm cool. Everybody wants my help, I'm like a full-time tutor.
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