I wish we still liked one another

Tue, 09/27/2022 - 12:13 -- Help_me

Hello and hi is a start I guess

And either way you know the rest

That I’m a boy

But you said no

And that hurts too much

It breaks my heart 

And hurts my chest

More than my binder ever does

It’s not a choice

And I wish you’d know

How close I was to letting go

Of you 

Of me

Of life

Do you see

How much I hurt

No, you don’t

Cause you look away 

And that hurts more every day

You don’t care about my scars

about my mind

You don’t care that I tried to die

Because you are you

And I am me

And we are not the same

For you love you 

And I hate me

Well not my mind but my body

And it’s mine

And I wish it wasn’t

And I wish I’d never done it

Come out I mean

Cause what was the point

To get this glimpse of happiness

And then have it crash and burn

While I watch with my own two eyes

And no one can blame me when I start to cry 

Because you are my mother

And I wish we still liked one another


This poem is about: 
My family


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