I Wear My Heart On My Paper

All he ever did was push and shove, his body boring heavily into mine.

"You're so ugly and useless," escaped his lips like venom so clear, and so fine.

I let the words drill into my mind like sharp knifes engraving my skin.

They sucked out all my purity, leaving me with the last of my sins.


Bruises and scares ran up my arms vividly,

But if I kept myself silent, the memories would go away silently.

Voices played in my head over and over again,

"Go ahead and kill yourself, they all wish you were dead."


I stood alone and afraid, no friends to hold my hand.

I watched them stare, knowing all too well that they didn't understand.

I crawled into a small whole filled with pain and despair,

And continued to wonder would they ever love a heart that needed repair?


As their words continued to identify me as stupid and a disgrace,

I began to bleed my heart onto paper, painting it with red lace.

My words were beginning to fight against my closed mouth.

Fighting for their lives, they were hoping to get out.


I finally had the last of "You should hate yourself", and opened my lips.

The characters rolled off my tongue like a velvet, lunar eclipse.

Smiles began to greet me, friendly in all.

It's funny how today, they can't stand to see me fall.


I've become an inspiration, a soul living on a ticking time bomb.

But I've learned to out grow those who wanted, in the end, to see me fall.

Your words mean nothing, so dim and unrefined.

Words have become my weapon, beautiful power taking up only one line.


So all in all, you wasted your minutes on nothing but incompetent words.

Hoping to destroy ones life, but you all stand under the heading "Cowards".

Now, please with all due respect, live your life wild and free,

And let me now continue to live my life and dream recklessly.

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