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You are right And I’m wrong Like a bad song I keep my lips tight And my face as long As I can all year long.
People should feel free to make favourable or unfavourable comments on any subject matter, But when we have one-sided commenting on websites, we only hear unfavourable opinions.
Gays use the term homophobic to try to embarrass straight people. Here is something that straight people should know. It is not wrong to be homophobic as some people claim, But it is wrong to be a homosexual or a lesbian.
It is a fact that not every lawful thing is morally right, Neither is every unlawful thing morally wrong   Something is essentially wrong with the laws of man Why should anybody respect biased, unjust laws?  
Oftentimes Right is Wrong and Wrong is Right But how does that happen how does that happen? It is not the acts that's Right or Wrong but perception of those who judge
Right may not be often too right Sometimes the wrong becomes the right Other times two rights in unison become not so right Here we have a Mr right who thinks might is right His right seems so riotous
I've Heard These Words ... Throughout My Life ... "TWO WRONGS Virge, DON'T Make A Right !"
The oceans turn to acid And the corals die The shellfish larvae dissolve Into scattered molecules, The Arctic is warming And the sea ice melts away Leaving the briny blue exposed
When Time was There   It’s not about the money, Not about the price, Not about the hatred growing up on the rise
To understand a healthy relationship, you must understand a healthy self. Neither should you starve to death, nor should you stock junk food on the shelf.
To understand a healthy relationship, you must understand a healthy self. Neither should you starve to death, nor should you stock junk food on the shelf.
The reason that I love you is simply very clear, 'cause when I am around you I can feel no fear. Enfolded in your arms, warm in your embrace, all of my troubles I know I can face. Since you are my darling and my dear
i write a list of names on my arm, i don't know which ones right,  him or you? i don't know which one i love, i just can't bare being with you, should i write your name again? does it even feel right? it feels wrong.
We are America... the land of the free, the home of the brave, yet we stll have many crises pertaining to inequality, poverty, Geneaolgy, social class, economic wealth and generosity.
Looking up at the stars feeling the grass on feet tears in eyes blood in the street. The wind is howling, the birds all scream, at the horrendous crimes that the media eats.
Reaching out And reaching out. Help the helpless But I am the helpless. Standing out is too much Blending in is too little.
Standing Rock, so brave and free. It seems the rest of the world, they don't see, the police aren't here to protect you and me. My presence may not be felt there, but my mind travels far.
Oh caption my caption   Is where it all started It was Honors English 11 and I was nearly departed We have been doing poetry for a while And I was quite tired   Everyone seemed to hate this unit
We go in and say our peace, stay to ourselves leaving in disbelief. No need for unwanted keep and a trial should be brief.   These are citizens of a country they have a right to be free.
Begin with a blank canvas A piece of paper with no identity And scribble a word or two   Make your memories into a photograph Using only what you know best Words   That is the axis
Bury me where the water is clear where there is no hate or talk of despair I want to know what that kind of life is like for a soldier who stood fighting an unknown right.
it all began in parallel lines at the centre then a little calculations in the virtual median   proved the proofs during deviations and would be on constant calculations  
I'm right, you're wrong. And I have every right to write that I'm right, because I'm not wrong
Deep in a forest Where the wind blows Lives the grass, the trees and grow. They strive off of life And they know what is right Here is where the wind blows And the trees and grass grow.
Never had to break a
Him. He is all. He is one. He knew what would happen when time was done. Time. The time we live in does not last forever. So how can one say that we will always be together? It’s not a gift.
I'm on the verge Can't you feel the energy surge I'm almost there So beware 25,000 points seemed out of sight But I scored it with all my might And that's right It was a very hard fight!
Won't you hold me tight In the middle of the night Don't turn on the light Hold me with all your might You know it ain't right If we have a fight That seems to be my plight But your out of sight!
I assure you I have the right To be mad For I have been Betrayed   But I also Assure you That I do not Have the right 
They come and go
  The following poem is an Elizabethan sonnet.   Since I was young I looked up to the stars. The second to the right my eyes did meet. And though the twinkling speck seemed very far
Is it truly fun? To see them writhe in pain Your an awfully sick bastard What have you to gain? If i hurt you as you did to them Would you still be smiling And decide that it's okay
upon a dandilion i blew  its seeds floaten soflty on a breeze so true and the wish that engulfed my heart and my soul was a wish that had something to do with you   that night i saw a shooting star
Wrong. A word we'd rather not hear. I'm not sure who constituted it. Who started it. Who decided what it was and wasn't, but it's here now.   Wrong.
In kindergarten they start teaching you about lines, you learn how a horizontal line is like the horizon,
In the world we live in today, people are not as grateful as they were in the past. The truth of the matter is, nobody cares for anybody anymore.
Every dog will have his day At least that is what they say But this often isn't true Those most deserving are neglected what they are due No good deed goes unrewarded
I do not have nine lives My wounds take time to heal They hurt and I have no pain medicine When I am abused, how do you think I feel?   I do not shed human tears But I do make noise from the pain
With tears unshed, and eyes open wide Days of class and work and normal blur by, But now I think I’m safe with eyes dried, Yet why do I always feel about to cry? This world is cruel, not one I trust as a friend That has not hurt my heart or mind,
How am I?How am I?I'm fine I'm fighting back rageAt a broken down system I'm crying in painFor accepted ignorance I'm screaming bloodFor everyday injustice
I'll never be "that" girl But l can be THIS girl Silk tresses will never swim on the small of my back Only coiled curls will dance freely on the nape of my neck
Why can’t you believe that I deserve it all? Is it because I am young, I am black? Because I’ve answered the call? You claim success is colorblind, that any can achieve,
  Many dream of popularity, riches, and wealth, but what they overlook is the guidance to the right of your shelf. Act like this, act like that, and be who you see, but life isn't all about being who you perceive. 
Like the rain flows freely. Poetry does to the soul. Speaking legions of stories in just a poem. As everything begins to unfold.  The sun may come; The day may end. 
When we were just kids,Playing outside with all the other demonsI used to hide in the shadows,Terrfied of what these demons thought of me.
Change. the idea thrills us the thought of it happening scares us the results would amaze us but the work load loses us. change a life change a friend change your clothes change 
I've been asleep. I never knew why i liked poems i never really did           like'em  they are just free words most of the time absurd                     absurd     freee words
oh This Morning I felt it felt it coming    Either good or bad.. I couldn't tell if I'd be mad but that fell   If it falls, it breaks thats the risk
Night. A time filled with darkness. Darkness. Close your eyes and you will know. But, true darkness surrounds you, you can feel its prescence,
"I would see you fail Before I'd let us both succeed," Thought one line of track To the other, As the train was derailed.
I write because it is MY right. To put pen to paper, to speak against the night. The night, so dark, so cold. It is my right to have my story told. I write because I am a wright. A playwright,
A movement defined by endurance and freedom that gives the heart motive
they had waited for the sun in a world with only shadows the dominant character in a story with no sun no light for those the society had its back on the society was the villain laws were its wicked deeds
It is 1960 and there are two drinking fountains. Colored on the left, white on the right. A young black girl shuffles her feet forward slowly in line. They drag along the dirt and make lines in the ground.
Vote It shouldn’t be a question Go vote Let them know that you have a voice Vote It is not a suggestion Go vote Because you have the choice
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