i trusted you

    no one   saw  what you   did

except           the crickets

   in the        garden     who

           chirped a       melody

  to soothe    my wailing        heart,

                          but                                                     the scars

           were    too deep

  for   any     first aid  kit to heal

 and        my soul           cried out but

     my           mouth has                                                       never

         been more          useless.

           i did not    know then

  but you       robbed me              blind,

     my    eyes    covered,

                my hands                  tied,

                         as you                                                       left

                  me in the   street

   like   an          abandoned     infant,

                ripped          the words from

              my bleeding       lips --

                             i trusted you.

    i  wonder       if my tears       will ever

 wash    away                                                                       the stains

                     you left on my          bed sheets

  or  if the         mark of a boy    who will                           live

                        just  miles away

    for   years    to come

                          has soiled my  soul,

                   how do i go                                                             on

                              knowing that

                       my body,

                                 my heart,

                                               are not

                                                         my own ?

       in     seven     years

    i will             have an   epidermis

                   that your      hands

      have  never      touched   but                                  my skin

  is      the grime               beneath your nails,

       my blood       is the ink of   your pen

                         and my cries

                are the echoes       you hear at night                        now


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