I Refuse


United States
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To bow down before the problems that surround me, never will I surrender to the negativity around me, call me optimistic but pessimism won’t confound me, I’m rejoicing everyday because tears can never drown me.


To see myself cry, over mistakes, regrets, or any guy, I pray that I will never deny, the falls I make, because from them I arise, let me not forget, that beneath my arms are wings to fly, and that the sky is not my limit so I must fly high, higher than the reach of my eyes, the rules of gravity I will defy, I’m as light as a feather regardless of what people see on the outside, because I REFUSE to define my worth by the thickness of my thighs, I WILL hold my head up high, can anyone judge me? Let them try, because no matter what anyone says, I maintain my pride, let it be known that I’m not afraid to shine, no matter who gets in my way I will survive.

Because I REFUSE

To become another statistic, I refuse to be that girl, to be another number in this world, because more than cuteness hides behind my curls, empowering thoughts that form powerful words, and I know I’ll be heard, because people are desperate to learn, and I’m done with the absurd, with the stereotypes that are constantly spurred, with the lies that my vision have blurred, enough has occurred, enough I have heard, I’m too smart to be deterred, so call me a nerd, or a geek if that’s what you’d prefer, because I will not cease my written words, until I know this world is cured


To be used, to be silenced or abused, because I will not be reduced, to the five feet that stretch between my head and my shoes, height will never be my excuse, because from this small body comes a big point of view, not always at the right angle, because I see things obtuse, I see people past their hues, and into their minds I induce, words that are so deep I could be a muse, because what I have to say is bound to reproduce, and so no one who tries will ever leave a bruise, no matter what threats or fear they produce, silence from my lips is just something that I REFUSE.


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