be different

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Different. We are all different. This is what drives us. This is what separates us. This is what pushes each of us. Without our differences, we are nothing
Once upon a time in a kingdom not too far from your own lived a maiden with skin dark as night and eyes bright like the stars when they shown. Her words came out strong and they hung heavy in the air.
When you are different Everything is wrong Nothing is right But because of that  You still have to fight, With all your might You have to flaunt your Ethnicity Your Philosophy Your Style
I woke up this Friday morning and thought, "everything is awesome" Misty clouds grew gray overhead and rain water fell from the sky Drops of dew covered my garden and caused my roses to blossom 
They say that when life gives you lemons
I REFUSE To bow down before the problems that surround me, never will I surrender to the negativity around me, call me optimistic but pessimism won’t confound me, I’m rejoicing everyday because tears can never drown me. I REFUSE
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