I need a job, I need a life, I need you

I need a job

I need a life

I need you


Far from perfect we are born

With some of us feeling more privileged than others

The one commonality we share is disappointment


Regret from failing to follow up on conversations

Dismay at the current state of the union

An anticlimactic end to our revelations


The soul sucking reality we fight to no end

A deep dark abyss

less scary than a dull one is

While darkness recedes with a flicker of light

what about gray? What about beige?


What about the memories fading in the past

What of beleifs, what of happiness

Perhaps it's all a construction in our heads

Perhaps we need it to go soundly to bed


But once in awhile its good to think

Which is better, to be fooled or fed

The ideas we live for don't define our plight

Rather they act as spaces for us to decide


Whether we 

Need a job

Need a life

Need you

We decide

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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