I loved and I lost

I loved you and I lost you. I only got myself to blame too. They say niggas ain't supposed to feel. Like you soft or weak and you gotta be strong all day, every day. But it's hard sometimes. You human, so why can't you hurt? Why can't you love? Society's hard on our women but our niggas is sufferin' too. Remember when we used to stay up all day and night on the phone jus' laughin' and chillin', bein' real? Remember when you used to say I love you and I'd say I love you too? Remember when you listened to me hurt and deal with this stressful shit? You told me it'd be iight, all good and I believed that too. Because it all came from you. Now we ain't no more. I took it all out on you. The one who was there for me. I don't know what to do. I'm lost and hurtin'. Deserving that pain 'cause it's what I gave you. In a loveless relationship, gettin' what I gave you. Don't know how I feel. 'Cause even though we ain't real no more, you still there and I'm fallin'. Baby, I'm fallin' all over again for you. You say you don't love me like you used to. But I know you. I know what we had was real and I'd kill to have it back.



The rawness in this is amazing and I love the fact you shared this. The way you started it just pulled me in... I hope it all works out in the end...

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