I Love You


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I Love You
The most special words a guy could have said
We'll live happily ever after, like those fairytales I've read
Kiss me softly, whisper sweet nothings in my ear
Flip the script, screaming yelling at me, Shhh the neighbors may hear

Tell me you're sorry and kiss me goodnight
They say he doesn't love me, but clearly that can't be right
Make him a nice breakfast and serve it to him in bed
Get mad because I woke him up and throw the plate at my head
He's just cranky; he doesn't love me I refuse to believe
But then he got out of bed, grabbed my neck and squeezed
Crying, begging, pleading..I started to black out
Woke up he was there, he loves me no doubt

Roses, my favorite, the perfect way to make up
He loves me, I know he does, I will not give up
Three months, no problems, he has definately changed
My friends say to leave him; he's crazy, he's derranged
Don't listen to them I told myself, he loves me I can tell
As I said, three months no problems, things are going well

Walked into the bedroom, he was playing some game
I wanted him to know I was there so I called his name
What do you want, I'm busy you need to understand
Now leave me alone and that's no question, I'm serious it's a command

Snuck up behind him to greet him with a kiss
What I thought would be a kiss was my face meeting his fist
Didn't I tell you to leave me alone, he kicked me in my side
Excruciating pain couldn't run, nowhere to hide
Trying to crawl away before I received another blow
He just had a bad day he loves me I know

Another kick to my stomach, and then blow to my face
Didn't get to tell him I'm pregnant but would he have reconsidered in that case
Blows all over my body, to my baby, my self esteem
I love him but maybe he doesn't love me maybe that's what this means
This cannot be love, I don't think we're going to make it
He's just mad or maybe upset but these blows, my body can't take it

I know I'm nearing the end, all the hate in his eyes
If only I had listened, if only I had realized
He went into the drawer and grabbed his hand gun
Put it to my chest, said I love you, then it was done
I Love you
The most special thing my guy could have said
But who could have known these words would leave me and my baby dead

If you or a loved one is a victim of domestic violence
Take action, take a stand, refuse to live in silence
You love him but there's a thin line between love and hate
You may think he's sorry but the damage he could do, you underestimate
Be brave, be strong, no love is worth the physical abuse and strife
Do not let the abuse continue, it could cause you your life


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