I Love You


Things falling apart

All around me

The world

Breaking at the seams

A rush of emotions

Like an avalanche

But yet

I feel nothing

You’re lying beside me



Like you always have

I just wish

I would listen

Your love

Is what kept me here

All this time

It’s all I have

But now

I have nothing

Your touch

As cold as my soul

I glance one final time

At the written words

Your words

Our words

I lay beside you

Close my eyes

And recite the words

As I wait to join you

The words of death

And life:

“Roses are red

Violets are blue

Sugar is sweet

And so were you

But the roses have wilted

The violets are dead

The sugar is spoiled,

But now that you've read

This poem I’ve written

My final breath

It’ll give you strength

Instead of dread

I now must go

Wherever I’m taken

I may be gone

But don’t be mistaken

I live in you

And you in me

So I hope that now

You’re able to see:

The roses are growing

The violets have sprung

Now take these words

The ones I have sung

Go to the world

It’s born anew

And through the pain, remember:

I love you.”


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