As I Look At The Keyboard As I Type This Poem, All I See Is U & I


I never thought I'd see the day;

Where I'd struggle to find the words to say;

But you leave me pondering, yet breathless;

I can't hold it back, I must confess this;

Your eyes read a book, yet you remain a mystery;

Maybe one day I'll get a chance with you & be able to make history;

You circle my head, infecting my thoughts;

Make me questions what's real, as if it's something I forgot;

Time is of the essence, that comes as a certainty;

However if beauty were time, you'd be eternity;

Don't awe over my words, for they're nothing special;

But it's an honest opinion that I just made official;

I could point out your loveliness all day;

I guess it looks like I finally discovered the words to say;


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