I Know

The acidic water you just coughed up.

I know.

The silent cursing you scream in your mind.

I know.

The "are you ok?" questions that you answer with a lie.

I know.

The voices telling you to kill yourself.

I know.

The feeling that the world is ending.

I know.

The feeling your throat feels like it's closing up.

I know.


You scream and cry over the little things that mean so much

Like slamming doors, or people suddenly yelling, or even people suddenly moving.

I know.


But please,

Keep your head up.

Don't reach for that blade or the pill bottles.

Cacoon yourself in blankets and lay on your bed.

Read a book or listen to music.

Just please, stay alive.

This poem is about: 
Our world



Powerful poem. Loved it

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