I Hide


Sometimes you meet a girl 
And you try to imagine what she's truly like.
You don't know.
I think that it's harder to meet the real,
"Someone" because people are so guarded today.
I've been hurt and I know what it's like,
To want to hide yourself away,
Not to show people the you, you are.
Sometimes I want to show this girl,
Whose happy,
And confident,
And who doesn't give a care or fuck.
But I do.
I give every care I can.
I care for others so much.
I care what others do to themselves most.
I care that people are self destructive.
I care that sometimes I get really sad,
And don't want to be alive.
I'm honestly,
Just that girl who cares,
Who crys when she sees others pain.
And It doesn't matter if I don't know you,
Or even like you.
If I see you down,
I want to be someone who helps.
Because there's been so many people in my life,
Who saw me down,
And never did.
I won't be that person.
I'll never be that person that watches others burn,
Burning inside of their own skin.
I love who I am,
I love the girl I am inside,
And I love this shell I've molded,
This curtain that I choose to hide behind.
I don't believe in letting people know the complete me,
off the bat.
Not anymore.
I will continue to conceal the deepest parts of me,
Until I meet the people I feel deserve to know her.
Because no matter what,
There will always be weak people,
Who arnt strong enough to stay.
But I won't give them the ultimate power any longer. 
I am who I am,
And I am who I am not.
I am scared to be free,
But I am free.
I am.


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