I Have Grown, Watered By Words

On her birthday a small girl gets

A tiny blank book with flowered cover

And starts to write lyrics to her regrets. 


A medium girl rediscovers

A composition book with slight blue lines

She locks away her worries; she begins to recover. 


A "big" girl lets the words out of their confines

Within a gifted book bound in wine red.

As she lets him read it, the world realigns.


Now I'm grown, watered by tears shed

And pages written in saddness, frustration, and jubilee. 

The urge to write is in my soul; embeded.


I am a poet because I have to be;

My fingers itch with the unwritten phrases. 

I write because I'm human, because I feel, because I see. 


With a pen I am set free, it amazes

Me how beautiful the world looks in poetry. 

I write to reveal our downfalls and sing life's praises. 


I have grown tall, watered by words. 




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