I Get It


So hey 

I get it

you're a teacher

you only have so much time

and money

and patience

and like I understand that teaching wasn't what you expected

you thought it'd be like in high school

with all your friends

and maybe you forgot that your friends made fun of teachers

and maybe you didn't realize that you'd have to be nice to all the kids you hated

when you were in high school

and that's rough buddy it really is

you're in charge of a bunch of 16 year olds

statistically the worst people to have in a room together

I don't envy you is what I'm saying

I watch you try and keep their eyes on the board

to try and get them to pretend they care about

that subject you teach

it's on the tip of my tongue

I want to say like


Yeah ok chemistry

It's painful it really is

watching you stumble over your words

flop sweat

your eyes on your watch

I have to sit here every day and watch you and I want to help you but like

I don't

because you know that would mean putting in some effort which ahahah no

but oh man I wish you nothing but the most attentive disciples

in the future

not now

let's be real



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