a song

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Filler full of toast, see That'll get the ghost, see, eat it up, you're close see, knave. Give it to your ghosty holler to your host-y Callout til your toasty babe
There are reasons for me to be so cold.I'm just like a season, except you choose what you want.I know that there is no point of being under your control.Because there are things that make people feel loved.
One song for the Grandparents's pride  One song for the times we love  One song gotta stay alive.. .I will survive One song for the city streets One song for the hip hop beats One song oh I do believe  
Oh little runaway How could I refuse? Take my hand   Here we go! Oh, my little runaway We'll have so much fun
Oh, little runaway... Did you mean to meet me here? All alone yet together   I'm standing here Can you see me? Oh, little runaway...   Do you see me? There's no need to cry
I’d rather be winter’s queen than the girl who cried Better to have ice in my veins than bleed ‘til I’m dried  
LESSONS TO BE LEARNEDBY MIRA WILDERLessons to be learnedBridges never burnedriding the waves of uncertaintyLovers to be foundthere's Music all aroundit's in the weaveof  destiny...
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